As Always, Dreaming Big

There’s no such thing as a silly dream. There are, however, silly bbm conversations:

Ke​lly Carroll: If I had to sing karaoke, I would want to do Lady Gaga, Telephone. But only the Beyonce part. Like I would be featured in someone else’s karaoke
Au​drey Marie: I like this
Au​drey Marie: I would let you be the Beyonce to my Gaga but I’m not much for singing karaoke
Au​drey Marie: Maybe Biz is your Karaoke soul mate
Au​drey Marie: Or Dan Ankeles
Ke​lly Carroll: Hahahahahahahha
Au​drey Marie: He likes Karaoke, but specifically Neil Diamond. I don’t know how he feels about Gaga.
Ke​lly Carroll: Um, last time we chatted his favorite song was Kei$ha, Blah, blah, blah
Ke​lly Carroll: I think he’d be game
Au​drey Marie: Bahahaha
Au​drey Marie: I love it
Au​drey Marie: The dynamic may be better with him as Beyonce
Au​drey Marie: But I understand–you are always Beyonce
Au​drey Marie: We should float this idea to him. I like it.
Ke​lly Carroll: I am Beyonce always


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2 responses to “As Always, Dreaming Big

  1. Rebekah

    I am Gaga!

  2. Audrey Marks

    I thought you were Madonna?

    Wasn’t there a wristband involved?

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