The Bullpen’s Made for Lovin’

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I think girls all over the world will back me up when I say that we dream about this kind of thing happening all the time, but never actually believe it will. So when it happens to someone else, we simultaneously want to be her and want to rip what we will tell everyone is a weave right off her head.

Last year, the Seattle Mariners were playing against the Oakland A’s in a game at Safeco Field. Watching from the bullpen, catcher Jason Phillips spotted a girl in the stands that he knew he just had to meet, but was having trouble working up the nerve (AND, there was kind of a game going on at the time…you know, your job!).

Anway, Phillips told himself that if the game went into extra innings, he would do something to get this girl’s attention. When it inevitably did (because this story is right out of a romcom screenplay), Phillips wrote his phone number on a spare baseball and tossed it up to her.

Hours later – because be careful what you wish for, the game went into 15 innings! – Phillips checked his messages, and of course, had a message from the girl, who we can now call Molly. Yay!

This story is obviously adorable, but I do have a better reason for bringing it up – they’re getting married today! And to tie it all up in that pretty metaphorical bow, they are exchanging vows in the place it all started – the Mariners’ bullpen. Love. It.

More things need to be like this. Congrats to the happy couple! Mazel!

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