It’s Hot Out There Today, Kids

This looks like fun! Photo courtesy of Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

I thought yesterday was hot, but then I walked outside my building this morning and realized I was grossly mistaken. According to Monahan, temperatures in Boston will rise to the high 90s today, but will feel like 104 degrees! Yikes. So much for reading in the Public Garden at lunch. My Irish skin won’t be able to handle it.

In related news, I’ve seen an inordinate amount of people walking along the Brighton streets with no clothes on since I got back into town yesterday. It’s almost as if they got so hot they just couldn’t take it anymore. I would have photographs for proof, but I’ve learned that people really don’t like when you take naked pictures of them without their knowledge. Except of course, the two ragamuffins pictured above.

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