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ESPN’s First Pitch and the Healing Power of Sports

Photo courtesy of AdWeek.

Photo courtesy of AdWeek.

I am a firm believer in sports as a microcosm of life. You find something you love. You try your best. You will have success. And you will experience failure. You’ll have opponents, and you’ll have teammates. Sometimes, you’ll face challenges on your own, too.

Like life, the triumph isn’t in the victory. It’s in the trying. It’s in the journey. It’s in learning the lesson and moving on, to be a better player, a better person, the next day.

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Best Moments from the Presidential Inauguration


It’s Inauguration Day! I am such a sucker for pomp and circumstance and tradition and democracy and America! My goodness. How wonderful and great (however, I was a little disappointed to learn yesterday that Barack Obama was already sworn-in to office, but we can’t have everything all the time). 

If you watched the Inauguration ceremony, you’re probably sitting at home right now toasting your forefathers and the framers of the Constitution. I am too. If you didn’t get to watch the Inauguration (probably because your company doesn’t support Martin Luther King, Jr., which is terrible), then I have my list of the top moments. Read this, and you’ll be able to join in all the intellectual conversations people start with you today. You’re welcome. 

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Recovering from Sandy

Editor’s Note: Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, and boy, did she leave a wake. Many parts of New York and Long Island are devastated by this unprecedented storm, but the truth of the matter is, it could have been much worse. In my opinion, the first responders, the government officials, and people of these areas did an amazing job getting through this storm, and I applaud them for their resilience.

Our friends at Douglas Elliman reached out this week to provide some helpful tips for getting back to normalcy after the storm. I wanted to help them share these tips with you. I hope they are some help to anyone starting to rebuild.

If anything, this event has only made me love New York more.

Recovering From Sandy

In response to the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, it’s important that apartment and condo owners living in the New York City, New Jersey and coastal areas of the upper northeast approach the many stages of recovery in the correct manner.

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