The Hills: Best Finale Ever?

Now I can’t speak to the entire episode, because I DVRed it and only watched the end, but how about that final scene? Great wasn’t it?

After all these years, through Laguna Beach and Newport Harbor (which was god-awful) to The Hills and The City, we’ve speculated about the “reality” of these reality series. We’ve chided MTV for vapid story lines and unrealistic characters. But we still watched, and MTV knew it had us, so they continued to produce these mind-numbing, maybe 15-minute shows, all the while the joke obviously being on us.

Bravo to MTV for pointing the finger back at the audience, and for having a sense of humor. While the Sopranos left us angry, while Lost left us confused, and while many other shows end with no resolution whatsoever, you went out on a perfect note.

Even when seemingly on the losing end, MTV always seems to pull it together to make itself iconic.

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