Guy of the Month: Trevor Turnbull

Number 17.

Name: Trev
Age: 13
Occupation: 8th grader, future NY Ranger
Likes: hockey, Xbox, Carvel flying saucers
Dislikes: When people take his spot at “the club”

Our little boy is growing up. Fact, when Trevor Turnbull turns 13 today – July 13 – he will officially be the same age I was when he was born. As scary as that thought is for me, this kid thinks he’s the shiz and doesn’t indulge me when I get sentimental about the 8 hours I spent in the hospital waiting for him to be born. Oh, youth.

Trevor is the oldest child of my Uncle Tom and Aunt Eileen, and while I always thought he was truly a gift to me and my cousins who are much older, getting to know him now as a teenager has been pretty cool.

Now, if I may brag, Trevor is the greatest 13-year-old hockey player on the planet. He travels around the country playing in tournaments with several different teams, and in February, he played in an international tournament in Canada with the Junior New York Rangers. And Mark Messier was his coach! Outstanding. He’s also already beating us up in baseball, whiffle ball, tubing and water polo (although, who really plays water polo?). Judging by his father’s height, basketball may never be Trevor’s sport.

Trev and Brady, 2007.

Currently, Trevor is on a quest to attend every Catholic grammar school in Westchester County, as his parents shamelessly put it “to become president of his high school class.” He gets awesome grades, is clearly good-looking (he takes after me!) and to boot, is a sweetheart of a boy. Happy Birthday Trev!

P.S. The only thing I would recommend is getting rid of that friend of yours Nick. He makes me nervous.


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3 responses to “Guy of the Month: Trevor Turnbull

  1. Denny

    Well deserved “GOM” – You are in very good company !!!!

  2. Donna Turnbull (Idaho Donna!)

    Happy 13th Trev!!! Sure wish we were there to celebrate with you!!! 13 is definitely a FUN birthday!! Sure am enjoying the 4th with you Kelly – love your blogs! Wish I could jump with you on Saturday – I did that last summer with Robbie and Timmy and 6 of their buddies! They all thought I was crazy! Love and miss you all so dang much!! Cuz Donna
    P. S. Hugs to ALL!!!!

  3. Cathy Carroll

    Bill wants to know what he has to do to get “Guy of the month”???? LOL
    Miss you guys!!

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