Even Better Than the Wine Purse

This ain’t your mother’s Wine Rack. And it ain’t your sister’s water bra. This my friends is a new technology that allows you to both look great in those skimpy club shirts and drink all night without shame.

I can’t really tell who invented this, but Opentip.com is advertising this device – which can hold a full bottle of wine and has a connected tube to drink from – as the “Papa Bert WineRack Flask Bra” (so many names!). For $28.75, you can “turn an A cup into double D’s AND sport your favorite beverage for yourself and your friends!” Score! Papa Bert just set women back about 50 years (and we’re grateful).

“While you may be offended – I apologize in advance – I have a small bust and live for my white wine,” admits Justine Ingersoll from Shefinds.com. “So I secretly kind of love it.”

The Wine Rack can be paired with the Wine Purse for a classy night on the town.

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One response to “Even Better Than the Wine Purse

  1. Krista

    haha i love it! senior year, my roomate kate took her water-bra and tried to drain it, and infuse it with a shot of vodka. ingenius or dumb? well, we were getting on a bus to go to a bar in boston, and she wanted it for the ride there…

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