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Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

A day late, but not a dollar short.

I don’t really know where I’m going with that except that I am a day late with this post, and I apologize. The Fourth of July got the better of me, and it took an entire extra day to recuperate. I even took off from work. It was serious.

This is the week me and my family leave for Scotland, and I couldn’t be more excited! I could probably write this entire blog post about our trip, but I’ll refrain until it’s actually here, or until we come back and I actually have stories to tell. Instead, I bring you this week’s happy things, courtesy of Fourth of July Weekend (and one elephant):

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Don’t Worry Guys, I Found the Root of All Our Problems

Before we get going with tonight’s Presidential Debate, I wanted to let everyone know that I found the root of the economic crisis, the unemployment rate, and the obesity epidemic.

Yesterday, while I was innocently sitting in a Chipotle on Broadway and 110th Street (I know, this doesn’t give me a lot of credibility), I spied a full-grown man wearing this Nike t-shirt. Ok, let’s walk it back slowly.

1) Why would anyone admit to being lazy? I can certainly think of a few people this t-shirt would fit perfectly, but I know none of them would own up to the fact that they are squandering their talents. I don’t know the gentlemen who was sporting this garb yesterday, but judging by his dirty hair, headband, mesh basketball shorts, and slippers on the sidewalk, I’d venture to say he wasn’t being ironic. So there are people out there who don’t care if others think they are lazy. Ok. Minus one for America.

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Pick a Dress, Any Dress

In keeping with this week’s theme of weddings (royal and not-so-royal…actually, RJ and I have decided to consider ourselves a royal family whether people acknowledge it or not), I’m once again taking it to the public to decide which dress I should wear to the next family wedding (see picture above).

His Royal Highness RJ Turnbull will be married May 28 to Miss Nicole Schulz, of the Bay Shore Schulz family. Since it’s a night wedding, and I’m not really liking my legs this month for some reason, I’ve decided to wear a long dress. Keeping it classy. However, the dress I really want to wear, a green Issa halter, costs about $700. So we can scrap that idea.

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