The Turnbull Girls: Stone Cold Foxes

L to R: Holly, Ashley, Fallon, Sam, Amanda, Nana, Me, Debbe, Lindsey and Olivia

Today we had a bridal shower for my cousin Matt’s fiance Debbe (kneeling next to Nana). Look at these lovely ladies! Dayyyuuummm guuuurl! Haha, love my cousins! Congrats to the bride and groom – can’t wait ’til October!

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One response to “The Turnbull Girls: Stone Cold Foxes

  1. Donna Turnbull (Idaho Donna!)

    You are SO right!! What a great photo, and definitely a “bevy of beauties”! You “Turngirls” rock!! Congrats to the gorgeous bride and Matt!
    Love you, Donna

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