The Glorious Return of Pacey Witter

Joshua Jackson holds Pacey-Con outside of Comic-Con in San Diego. Photo courtesy of ohnotheydidnt

UPDATE: Pacey-Con Explained

Did I take a hot tub time machine back to 1998?

According to my inside sources (and by “inside sources” I mean New York Magazine), Joshua Jackson – who has done well for himself since the end of Dawson’s Creek, namely starring in Fringe and dating Diane Kruger – held a “Pacey-Con” outside of San Diego’s “Comic-Con” over the weekend.

Pacey-Con 2010: Capeside to San Diego, included Dawson-influenced music and Jackson in Pacey-era attire (which I love!). It’s still not entirely clear what the point of all this was (does there need to be a point?), but witnesses say that Jackson “handed out fan fiction he apparently wrote himself and took pictures with adoring female fans.”

Could there be a Dawson’s Creek movie in the works? There could be a Comic-Con twist since Katie Holmes is all up in Scientology’s grill now. If this doesn’t work out, how about Mighty Ducks 4? I just love you so much Joshua Jackson! FREE PACEY!


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4 responses to “The Glorious Return of Pacey Witter

  1. Ka12

    Josh did the Pacey-con for

  2. Audrey Marks

    I’m attend Pacey-con. Also, I think we should write Mighty Ducks 4. I am a fan of 1-3 and I’m pretty certain Emelio Estevez could use the work…

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