The Greatest Generation

Nana at Sloan-Kettering.

My nana’s been in the hospital a few days because her vitals have been a little off from chemo treatments she’s been receiving. While I’m sure it’s scary and very frustrating, leave it to Nana to give her doctor, as well as the entire Democratic party, a hard time:

Doctor: What day is it?
Nana: July 28, 2010.
Doctor: Do you know where you live?
Nana: Center Moriches, NY.
Doctor: Who is the president?
Nana: I’d rather not say.

When asked if she was feeling better Wednesday, the family report back from the hospital was that she was watching Fox News and getting all riled up. She also may or may not take a look at this and smack me for putting her “in the computer box.” I’m thinking of arranging a date between her and the father from Shit My Dad Says.

I love you, Nana.

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