My Future Wedding: The Scene of the Crime

I’m not a girly-girl. I didn’t lay in bed at night dreaming about my wedding day growing up. I don’t have a notebook filled with fabric samples and pictures of place settings. I actually don’t even really like the idea of weddings, unless I found someone who I wanted to be with forever and ever – a marriage, not a wedding.

So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon the courtyard at the Boston Public Library and said to myself, “this is where I’m gonna get married.” Who would have thought? I was just there to pick up my copy of Angel Face: The True Story of Student Killer Amanda Knox by Barbie Latza Nadeau (I’ve been on the waiting list for-EVER).

The BPL courtyard is so Gatsby-esque I don’t know what to do with myself. And all I can see is evening, white lights, and friends and family lining the upper balconies. Plus, the larger more modern buildings loom over the courtyard like their watching over the old-school architecture. It’s humbling and beautiful and I LOVE it. Now if I could only envision a husband…maybe I’ll just marry myself and register at Manolo like Carrie Bradshaw. Done and done.


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5 responses to “My Future Wedding: The Scene of the Crime

  1. Matt Borman

    I was thinking more Nicoles Catering Building followed by late night at Fireside!

  2. Hi Kelly Ann,

    Judge Massei’s 427- page report will be published in English on Monday 9 August. It will be available for download from PMF and TJMK.

  3. Katie

    Wait, what happened to the light house at MV?!?!

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