Basil Becomes a Brand!

I need to have this T-shirt. NEED.

Well if you didn’t see this coming, you’re an idiot.

The essence of the American Dream – where a person can do anything he/she wants, even beyond their ability and intellect – is Basil Marceaux, and in his quest to become the next governor of Tennessee (which is so close I can taste it!) he has officially become a YouTube phenomenon and a Carroll Family dinner-table classic conversation.

Of course, people out there want to make money off of this meteoric rise to notoriety, and not to be outdone, has begun selling I’m Basil Marceaux Dot Com T-shirts. First person to buy me one gets my undying love and devotion (or a hug, depending on my mood).

For a mere $31.45 (random) you too can tell America that we need to “stop slavery at traffic stops” and that a real flag has “three stripes.” Do. It. Up. Go Basil, Go Basil, Go-Go-Go Basil!

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