Now the Bromance can Continue

Ok, so this has pretty much been a done deal for months now, but since Northeastern chose to officially announce its basketball coaching staff today, I’m choosing to officially write about it.

Not too many changes to the 2010-2011 coaching roster, except one big one – Pat Duquette, once associate head coach under Al Skinner at Boston College (and interim head coach after Skinner was fired earlier this year), has fatefully rejoined buddy Bill Coen (also of the BC coaching tree, obviously) at NU. Sadly, Duquette is replacing Coach Tom Murphy, one of the greatest guys living on the planet, but Murphy will still be affiliated with the team, in a mentoring/donor-related capacity.

I’m so excited about this I can’t even tell you. I was already planning to become a Husky groupie this year – as they may need me because of a big loss of senior players – but this just solidifies it. And let’s not forget, Steve Scalzi still holds his position of director of basketball operations.

It’s like BC ’06 all over again. Seriously guys – professional head manager, it’s a position that needs to happen…that I need to fill.

Go Northeastern! Lovin’ it.

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