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Congratulations to Bill Schutsky, Army Hall of Fame 2012!

Friday night, the United States Military Academy at West Point inducted its 2012 class into the Army Sports Hall of Fame. Among those inductees was Bill Schutsky, a 1968 graduate from the academy, Army basketball captain, and our great family friend.

Not only was Bill a fantastic basketball player, he was a distinguished Army officer, and a great coach. And he is an amazing husband, father, grandfather, and friend. There is no person I know more deserving of this honor, and West Point is lucky to have such a wonderful person as a part of its community.

So, congratulations to Bill and his family! This is a great day. I feel so honored to have been able to make the above video to honor Bill’s sports career and I can hope that it does him justice. To Bill!


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Great Moments in Olympic History: #8 USSR v. USA

Eight more days! Eight more days! Did anyone see Kate Middleton visit the National Portrait Gallery this morning? She was wearing a blue Stella McCartney number and a circular necklace mimicking the Olympic rings. Love her. But I digress. We have Olympic history to attend too! Eight. More. Days!

So, America and the former Soviet Union (a.k.a. Russia) have always had a tricky relationship. There was the whole Cold War thing, and the Bay of Pigs, communism, yada yada. But it has made for some intense sporting events! And while today’s great moment isn’t exactly great (it’s actually the opposite of the 1980 USA hockey team win over Russia), it’s definitely a story that has been talked about for ages.

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The College Basketball Season is Officially Over

The one bad thing about the Final Four/NCAA National Championship Monday (other than Kentucky winning, ugh) is that once it’s over, we have to wait eight whole months before the next season. I’m assuming this is why God gave us the Masters and Easter Sunday day-drinking. I’m assuming.

I’ve been reading a lot about people thinking that maybe this year’s tournament was ho-hum. I could be swayed in that direction. Other than the Missouri loss, there wasn’t really a lot of in-your-face drama this time around (come on, no one should be surprised about that Duke loss to Lehigh). The rightful (possibly cheating) heir cut down the nets last night, just as they were supposed to. The Final Four matchups were a 1 vs. 4 and a 2 vs. 2. Boring. Or, you know, maybe not.

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