Thank God for Friends In Long Distance Relationships

Good idea.

So there’s good ideas and there’s bad ideas.

Good idea: meeting up with childhood friends you haven’t seen since Christmas. Bad idea: several pomegranate margaritas on an empty stomach.

The good idea brought me to drinks with one of my oldest friends, Theresa, and a good three hours of serious gossip. The bad idea left me eating three bowls of ravioli at 9pm, texting/bbm-ing everyone in my phonebook and passing out watching the Rachel Zoe Project (coincidentally, RZP had its best episode of all time last night, I. Die.).

Even with a pounding headache, I can see the silver lining this morning. Good times with great friends are priceless. Gallons of water and carbs can cure anything. And I didn’t wake up covered in Cheet (that’s what we call Cheeto dust – don’t steal it, it’s trademarked).

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One response to “Thank God for Friends In Long Distance Relationships

  1. Audrey Marks

    The CHEET!!

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