Billboard Owners Replace Jennifer Aniston with Evil Egg McMuffin

Talk about your mixed signals.

So I was finally getting used to seeing this on the walk from my office to the gym everyday – and actually found it to be pretty motivating – only to pass by the billboard today and see the lovely McDonald’s ad to your right staring back at me.

What the eff, McDonald’s? If you keep hitting me with this (not so) subliminal advertising, I’m going to start to think that Egg McMuffins are good for me. Next thing you know I’ll be 300 lbs. and yelling for someone to order me a McRib. This is a travesty!

Side Story: my soon-to-be-8-year-old cousin/godson (who I’m assuming reads this blog?) made his mom buy me a bottle of Smartwater to further my quest in getting Jennifer Aniston’s body. This led me to two conclusions: 1) Children read my blog and I should maybe try to make it a little more thought-provoking and educational (yeah, good luck with that). 2) I have not yet reached Aniston-status in the mind of said 8-year old. Gotta get to the gym!

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One response to “Billboard Owners Replace Jennifer Aniston with Evil Egg McMuffin

  1. cb

    This blog is great educational tool for Brett. Now he has to find out what a McRib sandwich means. Keep using remote references it makes us laugh and the younger Turnbulls get educated

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