The MTV Video Music Awards – 10 Years Ago

For the past few weeks, MTV has been playing videos in the morning (I know, videos!) featuring past VMA winners, in anticipation of the 2010 Video Music Awards, which will be held Sept. 12.

I couldn’t really tell you what’s been going on with the VMAs in the past few years, except the disastrous Britney performance in ’07, but I do know that watching these videos in the a.m. is bringing back a lot of memories.

Here are two of my favorite VMA performances, both from 2000. Watching these brings me right back to my living room, perfecting all the moves so that I could showcase them at school dances. I know, I’m a loser, but you know what? People requested me to do these dances. The chant was something like, “Go White Girl!” I could have been on Glee!

Sidenote: Don’t you wish Justin and Britney were still together? Imagine what the world would be like if they never broke up. Things would be very different, but we probably wouldn’t have this, probably my favorite music video of all time.

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