Dancing with the Stars: The Cast is Announced!

Ahhh, I’ve been suffering through Bachelor Pad for you, and my gut feeling was right. It’s terrible! Who the eff names their kid Kovacs? Or Krisily? Or Tenley? There’s a bunch others, but I think I went into a coma. They played this game where they had to pick the girl who was most shallow. And the girl they chose said “I’m not shallow. I don’t even know what shallow means.” Crickets, crickets.

So they just announced the women contestants, and here they are:

Jennifer Grey (whhhaaat!? excited about this one)
Margaret Cho
Audrina Patridge (ceiling eyes)
Florence Henderson
Bristol Palin (this pisses me off, but whatever, it’s good tv)

And the men are:

Michael Bolton
The Situation (Michael Bolton and The Situation couldn’t be at the announcement. I just used Michael Bolton and The Situation in the same sentence)
David Hasselhoff
Kurt Warner
Kyle Massey
Rick Fox (who dates Eliza Dushku,who knew)

Do we think Sarah Palin is going to come to the ballroom? Jennifer Grey is 50? Does that make Florence Henderson 100? Ok, I have to go to bed. My mind is reeling.

What do we think peeps?


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6 responses to “Dancing with the Stars: The Cast is Announced!

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  2. Indira Mandoske

    All I can say is OMG!!! What a group! Oh, and I think Henderson is only in her 90s.

  3. Christine Kolton

    WOW! Michael Bolton and The Situation… I’m actually going to watch this season. I loved this post, Kel!

  4. It’s going to be good. I can’t wait to see how tan the situation will get for dancing with the stars or how many times he will dance with his shirt off.

  5. Lori

    I was just thinking I would have to go the website of DWTS to see the announced cast, but then I realized I could just go to yours! LOVE the cast!

  6. Alli

    Happy to cyber-shared that experience with you. Sad to say ABC held power over me beyond the cast announcement though. As if bachelor pad wasn’t bad enough, I stuck around for dating in the dark. Yikes 😉

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