All Movie Theaters Should Sell Beer and Wine

Eight years in Boston and I’ve never stepped foot inside the Coolidge Corner Theatre. On Saturday, I decided I needed to see The Kids are All Right before it left theaters, and the CCT was still playing it, so I made it a date. I had no idea what I was missing.

The CCT was built in 1906, and became a theater in 1933. It’s art deco all over the place, snd still runs in the vein of the old movie houses, with curtains opening right before the film starts, and movie shorts playing before the feature film.

On top of that, the CCT is clean, and less expensive than the other theaters in Boston. Lately, the disgustingness of the city’s movie theaters has really been getting on my nerves. It’s called a vacuum people! They play old films, cult films and indy films. They sell beer and wine, and just happen to be located next to Upper Crust and across the street from Brookline Booksmith.

If you haven’t been, visit. It’s awesome, I promise!


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2 responses to “All Movie Theaters Should Sell Beer and Wine

  1. There is an amazing theatre in St Louis called the Tivoli. I was so excited that they sold beer! the general theatre will never do such things.

  2. Denny

    Sounds like you like that place !

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