Scenes from the Green Line

So, this may be the coolest backyard ever. And I may or may not get sued for some kind of privacy infringement. But I say, if you’re going to set up three basketball hoops and a pop-a-shot in your backyard which immediately faces the T, someone’s bound to take a picture and post in on their blog. It’s just common logic.

Clearly, this is at the Beaconsfield stop on the MBTA D Line, and the backyard lies on the inbound side. You can’t see the pop-a-shot, but it’s hooked up to the middle basket, which has it’s back to the T. When I was passing one day this spring, I saw a kid out there shooting, and he’s not bad, but he needs to grow a little. Unless he’s actually 7. In that case, some big time D-I coach needs to get to his house immediately. Of course, this is just my non-professional recruiting assessment.

Invite me over Beaconsfield backyard people! I’m lots of fun and I want to use your pop-a-shot before it gets too cold! And after that, we can take a trip to Highland Falls and play on the black top court in my backyard. Under the lights. Things get serious in the HF.

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One response to “Scenes from the Green Line

  1. Denny

    You showed me that court(yard) – I was jealous. Went home and painted our lane and 3 pt. lines.

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