Dancing with the Stars: Who’s Going Home?

So the majority of you think that Margaret Cho is going to be voted out tonight, but there were only 4 votes. That’s a poor showing people, get it together. I’m working for you here. Who are we kidding, I’m doing this for myself because I have no creative outlet. It’s ok guys, I’ll just talk it out with my therapist later.

So tonight on the elimination episode we have Santana, India Arie and Daughtry performing. Brooke is covered up. She must have gotten my mom’s messages on ABC.com. And The Situation looks like no one told him there was an elimination episode.

I’ll be putting up the safe couples as the night goes on, so don’t read any further if you don’t want spoilers. Love it!

Safe so far:
Michael Bolton (Daughtry’s rooting for Michael Bolton. And Michael Bolton got so excited. He’s winning me over)
Margaret Cho (you were wrong suckers)
Jennifer Grey (what, what!)
Rick Fox
Audrina Patridge
Florence Henderson
Bristol Palin

Bottom Four:
The Situation (safe)
David Hasselhoff
Kyle Massey (safe)
Kurt Warner (safe)

Ok, The Hoff is out. And I’m pretty ok with it, because his dance really scared me. Next week, the Jive and the Quickstep. Gonna be a fast night!

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