Once Again, Proof that Twitter Will Be What the Terrorists Use to Take Us Out

Remember, birds are evil.

I have been calling it for months now, and I’m standing by my assertion that social media, namely Twitter, will be the downfall of America.

However, the way it plays out in my mind is less Independence Day and more Mean Girls, where some super savvy terrorist plants a horrible rumor about say, Justin Bieber, and before long America is disunited, vulnerable to attack, and Regina George gets hit by a bus (in Latin, regina/regis/rex is king, and King George was a tyrant…I don’t think I’ve ever touched upon this subtlety; nice work Tina Fey).

In all seriousness, Twitter showed it’s hand today, as millions of accounts, including those of senior-ranking White House officials, were left vulnerable to some crazy kind of virus. From what I can see, it was more a headache than anything else, but again, the vulnerabilities it unearthed were pretty heavy. I know I’m a conspiracy theorist, but the White House Press Secretary’s computer shouldn’t be open to this kind of threat. Right?

Anyway, you can read the entire story at Gawker.com. Pretty interesting stuff.

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