DWTS: Putting an End to BooGate

I love that little Piper.

Whew. I’m glad DWTS went to the video tape and cleared up what many in the press thought was the booing of Sarah Palin. If they had just watched past those 25 seconds of the show they would have realized that the booing was clearly for what the audience thought was low scores for Jennifer Grey. And when Sarah was interviewed the crowd cheered for her. I mean, they could have been booing her leather jacket, but they definitely were not.

Now that all of this is past us, let’s get to the voting!

Safe so Far:
Kyle Massey
Florence Henderson
Bristol Palin
Audrina Patridge
Jennifer Grey
Kurt Warner
Margaret Cho
Rick Fox

Bottom Three:
The Situation (safe)
Brandy (safe)
Michael Bolton

Ok, so we kind of knew this was going to happen. But The Situation’s real first name is Michael, and by the look on his face, I’m think he thought the judges said he was going home. Oh Sitch, you’re so silly. MB, I really think you could have stayed another week if you had brought the mullet back.

Till next week!

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