A Moment of Glee: It’s a Britney Spears Sex Riot!

So, in terms of storyline, the Britney Spears episode of Glee had no purpose. As an hour-long viewing of Glee versions of Britney Spears’ music videos, it was AMAZING. I still don’t understand why these kids would love Britney so much (they were around 4 when “Hit Me Baby…One More Time” came out), but I guess I’m just not in tune with the kids these days.

Rundown, rundown!! John Stamos is a dentist and is dating Emma; Mr. Schue has gone crazy; Sue hates Britney Spears; Rachel tries to get Finn to stay off the football team; Artie wants Tina back; Rachel dresses up in a school-girl costume; the Jew Fro kid is major creeps; Brittany is a seriously awesome dancer; Terri appears in a fur vest! Bonkers!

Next week: Grilled Cheese Jesus and Billy Joel!

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