A Tribute to Randy Moss

Now, Randy Moss is a crazy MF. We all know this. He’s right up there with Chad Johnson Ochocinco and Terrell “I didn’t try to kill myself” Owens. But when I was about 13, I saw Randy Moss literally jump over another person to score a touchdown. Granted, that person was an Army defenseman when Army was not very good and in its first season in Conference USA. But still. He just jumped over him. Like he wasn’t even there. And this, my friends, is football history.

Enjoy Minnesota Randy. Straight cash…homey.


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3 responses to “A Tribute to Randy Moss

  1. Moss is the best deep-threat in the history of the NFL. Favre is going to be slinging the ball all over the yard now.

  2. Audrey Marks

    STRAIGHT CASH HOMEY!! I forgot all about that. Funny.

  3. RJ

    I was at this game too! or tailgating in A lot – all the samee

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