A Moment of Glee: Heart Attacks are Just From Loving Too Much

So I think I cried about 37 times during last night’s Glee, and inexplicably, I thought it was one of its funniest episodes. How does that work?

Heeeeeere’s the rundown: Finn makes a grilled cheese with the face of Jesus (grilled cheesus) and prays that he gets to touch Rachel’s boobs; Kurt’s dad has a heart attack and ends up in a coma; Sue doesn’t believe in God and her big sister is adorable; Puck only performs songs by Jewish artists; Rachel sings to people even when they are in a coma and can’t hear her; Mercedes goes to a church where they wear hats; Artie scores a touchdown (in his wheelchair) and wins the game!

Tina: Last week we’re too sexy. This week we’re too religious…
Brittany: Now I know what Miley feels like.

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