Pumpkins, Wine and Mums: It’s the Fall Experience!

So every year I make the trek out to the North Fork of Long Island on Columbus Day Weekend with every sincerest intention to casually pick pumpkins, buy mums and drink some wine. This is what my mom refers to as the “Fall Experience.” However, the real version of the Fall Experience involves my mom kidnapping whatever friends I’ve invited to join us, driving them to hell and back (which is actually Jamesport to Greenport to Jamesport) in bumper-to-bumper traffic and force-feeding them corn and apple cider. She’s lucky we always seem to have beautiful weather.

This year was no different as we visited Harbes Farms, Raphael Vineyard and the Gabrielsen Greenhouse. Pumpkin count: 47 (of various shapes and sizes). Mum count: oh about 1,000, some of which are still in my car. Wine count: a delicate mixture of whites and reds.

My sincerest apologies to Kelly Luken, who I did not warn about the Fall Experience, and who sat in about 30 minutes worth of traffic to drink apple cider and be attacked by bees.

It’s officially fall.


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3 responses to “Pumpkins, Wine and Mums: It’s the Fall Experience!

  1. Sam

    Fall Experience!!! This post is the first thing that has made me miss Long Island since leaving. We’re still waiting to do an Illinois Fall Experience, but it’s been like 80 degrees here.

  2. jean carroll

    OMG you make it sound like torture. The fall experience is magnificent. Traffic is a given. This year our only drawback was that we had to be home for dinner (guest coming) and the other Kelly had to go home for a party. Usually we would end up in Greenport at Claudio’s drinking more wine and enjoying watching the Shelter Island Ferry. Anyone else want to join us next year just let me know. It is great.

  3. The other Kelly

    Apologize??? Please, next year I will be partaking in every last minute of the Fall experience, it is already on my calendar 🙂

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