Weight Loss Week Eight: Success is Counted Sweetest

This Week’s Loss -0.9
Total Weight Loss: -8.9

So it hasn’t all been Chipotle burritos and Zumba classes (well, yes, yes it has) but we’ve finally reached wedding week and I’m .9 lbs under my goal weight. Yay!

This week (and the prior week) can mostly be attributed to seeing a mouse in my apartment and refusing to eat while inside said apartment or buy groceries. That mouse might have been a godsend.

So, the shoes are bought, the dress is shortened, and all is right with the world. My next goal is another 5 lbs for my cousin Lindsey’s wedding in December, but there definitely needs to be a break in between this journey and the next. This shiz is hard! Til next time peeps!!

P.S. If you can name the inspiration for the title of this post, I will love you forever. And no Google-ing!


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3 responses to “Weight Loss Week Eight: Success is Counted Sweetest

  1. Katie

    I had to google it…I couldn’t stand not knowing!!!
    pS congrats! You always look fab 🙂

  2. Denny

    It sounds like Jared Dudley – but I am going with (because of the wedding) Emily Dickinson.

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