Kids Say the Darndest Things: Letters to Santa

Kids these days are much smarter than they used to be. When I was little, my letters to Santa consisted of me listing everything I wanted that year (from one of those dolls whose hair changes color under water to a Gameboy) and then a list of all the reasons I was a good kid. Because I really, really deserved all the things I was asking for.

But the author of this letter above is doing it right. First off, his little note is very conversational. Asking how the reindeer are? Brilliant. Way to get right to Santa’s softspot kid. I like your approach.

In addition, this kid’s got his brother’s number. Apparently his brother has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes, pretending he’s a good kid and what not, but as our author tell us, this is not the case, and his brother is actually the devil.

Lastly, our author wants Santa to know he’s on to him. He’s all like “I’m cool with you coming to give me presents, but I realize it’s really breaking and entering (which I saw on a rerun of Law and Order: Criminal Intent last week) so if you try it on any other night I’m gonna take Rudolph hostage until you relent.” As a little kid, my answer to this question would have been, “duh, he’s magic.” This kid wants logistics.

So anyway, letters to Santa are awesome, and you can read more of these at

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