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An Anonymous Person’s Very Specific Account of Super Tuesday

In every effort to bring you hard-hitting, groundbreaking political news, we once again had our roving reporter on the ground this primary season. Super-Tuesdaying it all over the southern states, she left no stone unturned, she asked the tough questions, and she ate a lot of BBQ.

There is no question that when the Republican Party finally decides who their candidate will be, you’ll tell all your friends you read about it right here. And by “right here” we mean “somewhere else.” And here we go again…

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Even More Video from Fallon and Mike’s Wedding!

I seriously can’t stop laughing. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful and sentimental beginning – things get real silly, real fast. Thanks to Aunt Eileen for putting this together, and for capturing some great moments!


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Quote of the Day – Earthquake Edition

So when I started to feel woozy yesterday and almost fell over, I just thought it was all the drugs I had taken at lunch. But it was a real life earthquake! In Virginia, not Boston. But still! Anyway, several news outlets compiled the best tweets from yesterday’s not Armageddon-like quake, but this is by far my favorite:

Danny Zuker: Oh, God. What did you do to her? RT @chrisbrown Please pray for Virginia.

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