Merry Freakin’ Christmas

Once again, Christmas has come and gone, and while I did get some pretty awesome presents, they weren’t as good as the time I got to spend with friends and family. So sappy, I know.

The 23rd brought lunch in NYC with a few of my favorite BC girls: Becca Madson, Kelly Luken and Mo Cooke. It was also Nana’s 83rd birthday, which we celebrated in style at Hurricane’s in Hartsdale. Cheers to Nana!

On Christmas Eve we went to Mass, and I have to say, I’m disappointed the Christmas pageant is no more. Little kids reenacting the nativity scene is probably the greatest/funniest thing ever. Usually someone stumbles, or Joseph’s robe is on backwards, or one of the angels is singing out of tune. Hilarious. Without it, the Christmas mass is kind of bland, but that’s probably really bad to say about Church, isn’t it?

After Mass, we created a new tradition and Feliz Navidad-ed at the Hacienda, the best Mexican restaurant in town. Chips and margaritas for everyone! No matter that we were the only people there. I’m going to campaign for Christmas tequila every year from now on.

Like a little kid, I still can’t sleep Christmas Eve night, and I woke up at 4 a.m. I watched 4.5 episodes of Law and Order, fell asleep for another half hour and then woke up to Detective Lupo getting conned into sleeping with a murder suspect. I got to tell you, I’m very upset that show has moved to L.A.

Once again, my mom broke the one-gift-for-each-of-us rule, and I ended up getting approximately 5,127 presents. My mom got Reebok Easytones from me, and Dad got two tickets to the first day of the Big East basketball tournament. I hope he invites me, but that’s still up in the air. Way to be grateful, Denny.

The Turnbulls rallied the troops for Christmas Day in Connecticut, and Jeanie made about 57 app-a-teasers. I gave my godson DVDs of Avatar and Gremlins, because I wanted to scare the living crap out of him. There were dipping bowls for Aunt Carole and a glass butter dish for Nana to add to her collection (yes, a butter dish collection). I don’t think she liked it, because she threw it at me later in the night.

Everyone was making announcements and hogging all the attention, so I had 5 glasses of red wine and made up this elaborate story about how my 13-year-old cousin was actually my son and I clinked my glass and made everyone stop talking and delivered a toast at dinner about how I felt it was time he finally knew about his heritage and how thankful I was that my aunt and uncle had taken him off my hands for all these years.

Uncle Tom: Yeah, Trevor, this explains why your ankles are so big.
Me: But on the upside, there’s a chance you’ll be over 5’7″.

Haha, I’m a riot.

After some good food and even better company, the night ended and another Christmas was over. I just want to say that the greatest Christmas present I’ve ever received was being born into such a great family. To all of you, I hope your Christmases were just as bright and merry.

For more Christmas joy (aka pictures) click here.

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