Straight Blizzard-ing

All I've looked at today.

I’ve learned about myself today that I will never be a hermit/shut-in. The East Coast is currently covered in white and I’ve been held captive in my parents’ house watching the snow come down all. day. long.

So far today I’ve watched the Russell Crowe version of Robin Hood, drank an entire pot of coffee, ran on the treadmill, watched two episodes of Top Chef and three episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, cleaned my room, ate my weight in leftover macaroni and cheese, read 100 pages in my biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine and made half a batch of cookies that got abandoned when I lost interest. It’s almost as if I wished I was going to work tomorrow. And no one will play gin rummy with me.

My mom’s plan for tomorrow, should we end up with 11 feet of snow, is to do a blizzard walk, which we’ve only done one other time before, when my friend Jamie was staying with us and we were shut in for three days. Half way through the trip, I started crying and Jamie started yelling at my mom that she “was not in a good place.” We almost died. For reals. So tomorrow should be interesting. Why can’t we just make snow angels and call it a day?

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the electricity doesn’t go out, because then we’ll really be roughing it. And can someone make sure the power’s still on in Massachusetts? I’ve got a lot of stuff in my fridge and I’m gonna be pissed if it all goes bad. Ugh. Let it snow, let it snow…

It should be noted how excited I was on Monday when the first snow came in Boston. Oh how quickly I can turn…

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