College Basketball is My First Love

Two play-in games down, two to go until the official beginning of March Madness. I’m seriously jumping out of my skin. Tomorrow and Friday will be the two greatest days of the year, when the world is overwhelmed by college basketball from every corner. I mean, people have literally combusted on the spot at the sheer thought of it. Ok, that’s an exaggeration. Rein it in, Kelly Ann.

Last week I headed to NYC and New Haven for some great college bball games. My dad and I saw the first day of Big East conference tournament play – watching the future champs UConn wipe out DePaul, Rutgers top Seton Hall in overtime, USF beat ‘Nova on a last second shot and Marquette trounce Providence (which later led to the demise of Keno Davis at PC; word of the day: demise).

At Yale on Saturday, Dad and I saw what was one of the most historic games in college basketball history – an Ivy League play-off between Princeton and Harvard (the Ivies don’t have a conference tournament, and play-offs in the league have happened less than 10 times in the history of the world…the world). With a true buzzer beater, Princeton won the game, but Harvard possibly brought in the best sign: “Eating Clubs are Still Misogynistic.” How does one even fit misogynistic on a piece of poster board? Future Mark Zuckerbergs right there people. Also, Eliot Spitzer was standing next to me for a good part of the beginning of the game. How does one leave the house when the entire country knows you bought a high-priced hooker? Better yet, how do you leave the house in tiger stripes (Spitzer is a Princeton alum, but also got his law degree from Harvard, so I guess that means something). These are just general musings. I don’t need an answer right now.

So, there’s already been a lot of great college basketball, and for the sake of my bracket, I hope we’re in store for a lot more. I hope my DVR is prepared for the work I have coming its way.

Tip-off in T minus 27 hours.

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One response to “College Basketball is My First Love

  1. kevinjfisher

    real cool you got to see the Ivy championship. two really good teams, I’m glad I watched. wish Harvard had got a bid.

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