Apparently 2001 Was a Very Good Year

I’m not saying I’m like, super famous, but this is the third time the Town of Highlands newspaper has included me in their “10 Years Ago” section. Again, I reiterate, there’s like 100 people in the Town of Highlands. And at 17, I was pretty active, mostly because I was trying to get into really good colleges. So there’s that. It just seems that every time I’m home for the weekend I see my name in ink. The paparazzi can’t be too far.

Let’s hope that 10 years from now I’ll be getting as much, if not more press. Also, Sherry Meche won the quiz game! They really need to bring that back. I could seriously use a $50 gift certificate to the Park Restaurant.


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3 responses to “Apparently 2001 Was a Very Good Year

  1. t.

    if you get $50 gift card i want a free ranch chicken wrap

  2. lisa rose

    Ya,ya,ya….we’ve seen it before, but I think they got your name wrong….Kelly Ann Carroll….LOL!

  3. Sam

    Todd, you know that if you get that ranch chicken wrap you’re going to hate it and wish you hadn’t gotten it.

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