This is Scary to Me

All loyal Yankee fans should be concerned that my two uncles have infiltrated Brian Cashman’s office and are, I can only assume, inserting themselves into the opening day line-up. “Now batting for the Yankees in the clean-up spot, TOMMY TUUUURNBULL!!!”

It’s probably not all bad though. I’m fairly certain Uncle Tom has a small strike zone.


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2 responses to “This is Scary to Me

  1. Denny

    ONYD = Oh No You Didn’t !

  2. Donna Turnbull

    That is hilarious!!! Great photo!! Now go back to work!!
    Kelly, you did an amazing job on Nana’s tribute – very beautiful and touching! We have all enjoyed it a few times over up here in Idaho! Thank you! We love you all! Idaho Donna

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