Spotted: The “T”MI Girl is Back!

Everyone remembers blonde girl, Marco and the gay BFF from December’s NoMad Blog T ride reenactment, right? Well today, as I innocently walked back to my office from a mission to buy new rain boots, she waltzed back into my life when I spotted her having a conversation outside her place of business (yes, I know where she works – so does everyone else on the T that day). Not to be outdone by Marco and his overalls, she could be overheard screaming saying to a co-worker:

“So he said that you said that he said he just brings so. much. drama.”

It’s really the little things in life you guys.


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2 responses to “Spotted: The “T”MI Girl is Back!

  1. Audrey Marie

    ZOMG. This made my day. I’m so happy now.

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