Midnight Madness is Soon Upon Us!

Photo courtesy of The Sporting News

So this post is a tad premature since we’re not technically at Midnight Madness just yet, but you know what? I have a wedding to get to this weekend in Houston and sometimes I just don’t have time for you people. There. I said it. Not that I don’t love you. Clearly I’m writing this early so that you all have something to read. So I do care. I just can’t be on top of everything, all the time…Don’t leave me. I’m nothing without you. I’ll be better. Ok. I’m done.

We’re nearing that perfect time of the year when college basketball springs into action. I got my St. John’s season tickets in the mail yesterday, and life is starting to feel right again. It seems like only yesterday UConn went on their great run to win both the Big East Tournament and the NCAA Tournament. I still hate them, but I love me a good sports story.

With all the conference changes taking place and beginning in 2012, this might be the last time we all can enjoy college basketball as it once was. Fear the super-conference! Occupy Madison Square Garden! I’m part of the 99 percent who think Syracuse and Pitt joining the ACC is a terrible idea! Ok, that’s as close as I come to protesting.

Everyone get ready, basketball season’s a comin’. Let’s hope for more upsets, more comebacks, and maybe even another Ivy League playoff this season.

To all my fellow fans, welcome to the most wonderful time of the year.


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2 responses to “Midnight Madness is Soon Upon Us!

  1. Audrey Marie

    This reminded me of the minor melt down I had when I thought you all were having witty email exchanges with out me… I still think that email thread is still alive without me. Just so you know.

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