More From My Famous Friends!

So if you don’t already know who Margo Beirne is, you should, because she’s awesome. Margo is one of my roommates from college, and she is currently the wardrobe supervisor at the Signature Theater Company in Arlington, VA. And you thought you had a cool job.

After double majoring in theater and accounting in college (yes, you read that correctly), Margo worked at a whole mess of places, dazzling them with her costuming talents. She’s made beautiful dresses, managed wigs, and will even double-tape my dresses during wedding wardrobe malfunctions. She does it all!

Watch in the video above as she transforms actor Robert Aubry Davis into the infamous character of Edna Turnblad in her theater’s production of Hairspray. This clip is supposed to be all about Davis, but clearly Margo is the star. Look at her flip that cape and apply that eyeshadow! She’s a legend people!

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  1. Margo

    Autographs available upon request……. Thanks for the shout out girl!

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