This is My Home: Anthony Pisano Gets It

I was watching this video last night, and I couldn’t help but thinking that if someone was able to see inside my brain, it would look exactly like Anthony Pisano’s home/exhibit/hoarding episode. All the random trinkets. The things that have no meaning but are taking up a lot of space, wrapped around the things that mean the most but get lost under all the other junk. Yup, this metaphor is very astute and on target.

Pisano sits outside his apartment in the East Village and just waits for people to come and talk to him. His entire life is built around having conversations with people, and I feel connected to him in some way for that. I can appreciate living a life that’s timeline is based on going from one conversation to another.

Some of you may watch this video and think that this entire situation is weird. And I’ll admit, there was a part of me that was a little afraid watching this that one day the entire contents of my life would be on display for everyone to see and I’ll just sit outside all day waiting for people to talk to me. But then I realized, that’s basically what I do know, here, with this blog.

So please watch this video and take with you a little bit of what Pisano is telling us – “People are afraid to talk one on one…life is, you talk with people. You touch them in a sense.”

Talk, actually talk, to someone today.

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