NYC Photos of the Week

It’s been freakishly warm here in NYC, and what better way to spend the days then walking around the ‘hood? And by “‘hood” I mean my neighborhood, which is the Upper East Side, where, aside from my street, which kind of looks like Cleveland Circle, everywhere else is real hoity-toity (that can’t possibly be how that’s spelled).

Don’t even think about trying to buy hot dogs in the grocery store. No sir. How is a girl supposed to make pigs in a blanket for her prospective guests?

Anyway, I’ve been getting the lay of the land and there’s some pretty cool stuff going on around the UES. I went to the steps of the Met (by way of Central Park at night; didn’t die, winning!), and got a cool pic of the outside of the building and the American flag waving overhead.

On the corner of E. 76th and Lexington is St. Jean Baptiste Church, which might be my favorite thing in my neighborhood, and the steeple is beautiful at night. I also went for a walk and ended up underneath the Queensboro Bridge where I was subsequently attacked by what I thought was a medium-sized bridge-dwelling animal but was in reality a paper grocery bag blowing idly in the wind. And I shrieked like a small child and then began hysterically laughing. People do not approach me.

On my walk home from work yesterday I stopped in to the New York Public Library to finally get my NYC library card. I’m now a true New Yorker! I didn’t get the card in the main NYPL pictured below, but across the street at the Mid-Manhattan Library, where I’m standing as I take the picture. Carrie Bradshaw was going to get married at the library. They can’t just let anyone in there to get a card.

And last but not least, there is a gallery on my corner, and the artist has been doing chalk drawings on all the nearby sidewalks this week. I think they were probably washed away today in the rain, but I love this one, right in front of his building. Always remember to “become your dream.”


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2 responses to “NYC Photos of the Week

  1. Kate Albro

    Hey Cousin Kelly,
    Welcome to the hood ! Duane and I live at 86th and Park…know all the places you are describing. Love to meet up one night!
    Kate Turnbull Albro

  2. Vivian

    Wow, great pics!

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