The College Basketball Season is Officially Over

The one bad thing about the Final Four/NCAA National Championship Monday (other than Kentucky winning, ugh) is that once it’s over, we have to wait eight whole months before the next season. I’m assuming this is why God gave us the Masters and Easter Sunday day-drinking. I’m assuming.

I’ve been reading a lot about people thinking that maybe this year’s tournament was ho-hum. I could be swayed in that direction. Other than the Missouri loss, there wasn’t really a lot of in-your-face drama this time around (come on, no one should be surprised about that Duke loss to Lehigh). The rightful (possibly cheating) heir cut down the nets last night, just as they were supposed to. The Final Four matchups were a 1 vs. 4 and a 2 vs. 2. Boring. Or, you know, maybe not.

Me thinks we might be witnessing the changing tide of college basketball, which for years was dominated by outstanding teams. No one will argue that over the past decade mid-major teams have rose through the ranks. There is more parity, more talent, spread across more teams. And even though Kentucky was the outright winner of the season, they didn’t win their conference tournament. Only one of the number-one seeds did. Maybe what we considered to be a “boring” tournament was the last straw of a regime that has come to its demise. We may have seen better basketball than ever before, just more disguised because of more equal ground. Whatever’s going on, it’s a different kind of college basketball. People get ready. There’s a change a comin’.

So about this year’s One Shining Moment:

1) I’m upset that Barack Obama made an OSM before I did. But kind of cool that PM Cam is in it.

2) Aaron Craft is adorbs.

3) No emphatic “beat of your heart” moments this year? So we had to give it to two people? Not a fan. Everyone knows the whole point of participating in the Tournament is to beat your chest and make it into that section of OSM. Everyone knows this.

4) Were streamers coming out of the scoreboard? And smoke and lights and whatnot? That seems really dangerous to me.

5) I hate John Calipari. I love Anthony Davis’ unibrow.

Practice starts October 12, my friends. Enjoy the off-season.

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