Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

Wimbledon is here! Photo courtesy of @big_waz on Instagram

Wimbledon is here! Photo courtesy of @big_waz on Instagram

Happy Monday! If you had a tough time getting out of bed this morning, wake up! The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day! People on the subway are still miserable, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. Just think of all the things that will make you happy this week. Here are some of mine.

Wimbledon: Any good Anglophile knows that today marks the beginning of one of the world’s classiest traditions. Break out your tennis whites and your best near-silent clap for the start of Wimbledon, which began today with a whole mess of really great matches. 

You can follow the results at Wimbledon’s website, and I’d also recommend following Wimbledon’s Instagram feed for behind-the-scenes action and beautiful shots of those trademark grass courts. Predictions? I think Sharapova is on fire and I want to root for Murray, my Scottish brother-from-another-mother. 

Summer is Here: Those of you who are familiar with my Irish heritage and translucent white skin know that summers are rarely kind to me. But did you see last winter? I think each storm took about three years off my life, and the cold temperatures permanently lowered my natural body temperature. So, summer’s looking pretty good. 

According to ABC’s Amy Freeze (that can’t be her real name, right?), we haven’t reached 90 degrees yet in 2014, compared to last year when we were already at 90 in May. So maybe we’re in for a good season? I have, however, already received my first sunburn, so you can probably disregard everything I wrote above and just plan on me complaining for the next nine weeks. 

Wardrobe Purge: Over the past few months I’ve caught myself in some questionable get-ups. I think I forgot that turning 30 doesn’t automatically sentence you to a life of mom jeans and Working Girl sneakers/socks combinations. So I did a massive, psycho cleanout of my closets (yes, I have two, and in New York City that means you’re fancy) and drawers. It was cathartic, I feel much more organized, and there are less bad choices for me to make when I get dressed in the morning. 

If you’re hesitant about parting with that dress you wore one time in 12th grade, try doing it for a good cause. You can Google to see where the nearest clothing drop is in your neighborhood, and some local governments also run programs where you can donate office-appropriate clothing for people re-entering the workforce. Share the wealth, if you can!

So that’s that. I hope everyone has a lovely week! #lifeisgood 

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