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Happy Birthday Jack!

Black Jack

Twelve years ago, two Labrador Retrievers were left alone with a babysitter, under strict instructions that they were not to be in the same room together ever. Clearly that babysitter did a terrible job, because just a short time later, a litter of yellow and black puppies was born unto the world.

Also 12 years ago, Denny Carroll was lecturing Jeanie and Kelly Carroll about the responsibilities of having a new puppy, and how, under no circumstances were we allowed to get one. Ever. Clearly Denny Carroll did a terrible job, because just a short time later, Jeanie and Kelly came home with the most adorable black lab puppy you have ever seen.

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Photo of the Day

How could I ever want to end my commute when I can see a view like this every day? Somewhere in Westchester County, approximately 6pm EST, October 4, 2011.

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Free Cone Day!!

Ladies. Gentlemen. Kids of all ages. I’m happy to report that today, April 12, is Ben & Jerry’s Annual Free Cone Day, and, because I’ve had my ritual coffee ice cream in a sugar cone, I can safely say that things are going along swimmingly.

For those of you living in a cave, Free Cone Day is good ole Benjamin and Gerald’s way of thanking their customers for all their support and patronage. For all your hard work eating ice cream over the past 365 days, you get a free cone/cup of your choosing. While often it’s only one scoop per customer, I can tell you that the scoopers at the Ben & Jerry’s in the Park Place Hotel are more than generous.

Find the nearest Ben & Jerry’s location and enjoy! Don’t say I never gave you anything.

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