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This is a Thing that Happened

And just in case I’m eventually arrested, I want to make sure my side of the story is heard.

So Audrey and I were innocently discussing the new Pizza Hut Crown Crust pizza via gchat on Wednesday. While not discussing matters of national security, we’re usually talking about other really important things, like Crown Crust pizza, Mark Titus, weaves, the Mighty Ducks movie franchise, Whitney Houston and Keurig coffee makers. We talked about all of these things Wednesday, in fact. Anyway, Crown Crust pizza was the second most disgusting thing I had heard of this week, and I decided to tell Audrey all about the first most disgusting thing:

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Another Reason I Would Be A Terrible Housewife

I received this lovely note from ConEdison in the mail yesterday:


The readings we’ve obtained from your gas meter for the referenced account do not show any usage. This is a matter of concern to us since you may have stopped using our gas or our meter may not be working properly.

If you are not using our gas service and do not intend to use it in the near future, the service should probably be turned off.

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It’s Here! It’s Here! The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, UES Edition

It’s totally possible that I’ve started seeing things, but this is what I stumbled upon on the corner of 83rd Street and 3rd Avenue this afternoon. Omg you guys, things just got so much better in the world!

If you know nothing about The Coffee Bean, trust me, it’s great. Yes, it’s a California import, but they make coffee drinks better than any other establishment I know (cough, Starbucks). Whatever beans they use are light and sweet – well, I only get the ice-blended drinks, which are basically milkshakes, so what do I know…but try it anyway!

The inside looked completely set up, but these awnings were just being hung, and I can’t find the location on a Google map or on The Coffee Bean website. Hopefully this isn’t just a mirage. Viva Coffee Bean UES!

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