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Five 90s Bands You Remember And Miss

Now_That's_What_I_Ca''_the_90's It came to my attention last night that the incomparable Ma$e, the man who taught Ke$ha how to put a $ in her name, was poised for another comeback. I love Mase, so this was, quite literally, music to my ears. But it got me wondering about those other groups I oh so loved when I was nothing but a tween in a Starter jacket listening to the Top 9 at 9 on K104. Do they still air that? Yes, they do.

So I made up my Dream Team list of those bands I need to be famous again, because, well, I miss them. I also think it would be cool if they all got together and made some kind of Live Aid-like Christmas song (this will never happen; even I don’t really have my hopes up). I give you my list below, and I apologize in advance for any graphic content. If I could listen to it at 12, you can listen to it now. Blame my parents.

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Life Lessons Learned From Volunteering At Sloan Kettering

photo (20) A little more than two years ago, I walked into the Volunteer Resources office at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for an interview. The date was March 21, 2012, exactly one year since the death of my grandmother, who had passed away from pancreatic cancer and who was a patient at the hospital.

I had signed up to volunteer as a part of Sloan’s Visible Ink program. After about 10 minutes with the department’s coordinator, it was clear to her that I was better suited to become a visiting volunteer, someone who goes room to room a few hours a week to visit with patients who may be lonely, or without much company. On the surface, the job seems simple: a five minute chat, a check-in. But I can tell you, for me, it’s been life-changing.

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Here We Are 11 Years Later…

Eleven years seem like a long time. I remember being 11, and thinking I had been on the earth for centuries. Now, at 28, 11 doesn’t seem so long. Especially the past 11 years, which seem to have flown by.

In what is now becoming a tradition, my family and I went down to Ground Zero last Friday to pay our respects to those fallen in the September 11, 2001 attacks. And like every time, there were tears, and there were hugs, and there were the whispers of everyone around, because Ground Zero is the only place in New York that’s quiet. It’s a place of deep reverence. It’s a church, in the wind.

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