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Great Moments in Olympic History: #4 Michael Phelps

I’m just reading a weather report here and it says that London is going to be sweltering for the Olympics. Which I guess is a good thing, because from paparazzi pictures I’ve been seeing coming out of the country, it’s done nothing but rain all summer in the UK. Luckily, the Brits know how to wear wellies.

In other news, folding chairs will be banned from the Olympic sailing competition, Pepsi t-shirts have not been banned from any competitions, and the Spice Girls may be reuniting for the Closing Ceremonies. I’ll call this last one a long shot, but it could make for quite a bit of fun!

We’re getting even closer to the big day!

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Great Moments in Olympic History: #5 Muhammed Ali

In an effort to gear up for the Games starting this week, I spent the majority of my morning not showering and not eating breakfast so I could watch YouTube clips of great Olympic moments. This was all well and good until all the triumphs went to my head and I started crying my eyes out. Great way to kick off my last week at my old job – late, hungry, and blotchy-eyed. Totally normal.

This morning, the Telegraph is showcasing the “Top 50 Tweeters to Follow” during the Olympics. So power up those iPhones and get to following, if you aren’t already. A true fan must be on top of the Games at all times. We’ve waited four years for this. I will allow nothing less.

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Great Moments in Olympic History: #6 Jesse Owens

Over the weekend, the Telegraph gave us a small glimpse into Friday’s Opening Ceremonies, when Olympic Stadium will be “turned into the British countryside.” All I can see is giant flowers that are going to come alive and eat people, but the Olympics aren’t going to be hosted in my studio apartment, so I guess my opinion doesn’t matter. Paul McCartney will be there, and Danny Boyle, of Slumdog Millionaire fame, will be at the helm. Supposedly they know how to put on a good show. I don’t think we’ll be disappointed.

After a fabulous weekend attending the wedding of my college roommate, I can safely say I am not in Olympic form, but fortunately for us couch potatoes, other people are. The athletes have all arrived in London, the final touches are being placed about the city, and excitement is reaching a fever pitch. Less than a week to go!

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