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No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn

No, I’m not just using these lyrics as a headline because they have the word “Brooklyn” in them. I actually haven’t been sleeping. For like a month. Usually because I’m having crazy dreams. I don’t exactly know why this is happening, but I’ve narrowed it down to three possible culprits:

1) My job
2) My new apartment
3) The fact that I’ve been watching approx. five episodes of The West Wing a night and all of the campaigning and legislating and walking has put me at a very high anxiety level.

It’s one of these three things.

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Photo of the Day

I love getting picture texts from family members that bring back horrible flashes of my childhood: RJ Turnbull, Friday, April 6, 9:09 AM EST: “Does this bring back scary memories to anyone or is it just me?”

We may be adults. Some of us may be married and on our way to having children of our own. But the dark shadow of an enraged Denny Carroll still hangs over us. Everyone knows you don’t eat Coach Carroll’s Cheez-its. Especially during camp week.

You know who you are.

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NYC Photos of the Week

It’s been freakishly warm here in NYC, and what better way to spend the days then walking around the ‘hood? And by “‘hood” I mean my neighborhood, which is the Upper East Side, where, aside from my street, which kind of looks like Cleveland Circle, everywhere else is real hoity-toity (that can’t possibly be how that’s spelled).

Don’t even think about trying to buy hot dogs in the grocery store. No sir. How is a girl supposed to make pigs in a blanket for her prospective guests?

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