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Sammie Wants to Know if This is My New Boyfriend

He doesn’t really like labels, but I’m actually pregnant with his child. Gonna be a bitch to give birth to a 30-pack of Bud Light, but we’re really excited.

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A Moment of Glee: It’s a Britney Spears Sex Riot!

So, in terms of storyline, the Britney Spears episode of Glee had no purpose. As an hour-long viewing of Glee versions of Britney Spears’ music videos, it was AMAZING. I still don’t understand why these kids would love Britney so much (they were around 4 when “Hit Me Baby…One More Time” came out), but I guess I’m just not in tune with the kids these days.

Rundown, rundown!! John Stamos is a dentist and is dating Emma; Mr. Schue has gone crazy; Sue hates Britney Spears; Rachel tries to get Finn to stay off the football team; Artie wants Tina back; Rachel dresses up in a school-girl costume; the Jew Fro kid is major creeps; Brittany is a seriously awesome dancer; Terri appears in a fur vest! Bonkers!

Next week: Grilled Cheese Jesus and Billy Joel!

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DWTS: Putting an End to BooGate

I love that little Piper.

Whew. I’m glad DWTS went to the video tape and cleared up what many in the press thought was the booing of Sarah Palin. If they had just watched past those 25 seconds of the show they would have realized that the booing was clearly for what the audience thought was low scores for Jennifer Grey. And when Sarah was interviewed the crowd cheered for her. I mean, they could have been booing her leather jacket, but they definitely were not.

Now that all of this is past us, let’s get to the voting!

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Picture of the Day

First signs of fall!

Here’s some rain and leaves in Cleveland Circle. Better than dead rats and garbage I say!

Wish I was in NY for the fall foliage – there’s nothing like it. For now though, I’m just happy with the small amount of leaves I see changing color. Now if only the weather could get to a cool 70 degrees – football weather. That would be heaven.

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It Ain’t No Jive: Your Dancing with the Stars Recap

Can Jennifer and Derek please recreate this?

Note to self, don’t recap DWTS drunk. One of the girls from work is leaving, and we decided it would be best to have two straight days of after-work drinks to celebrate. There’s a good chance tonight’s fast dances – the Quickstep and the Jive – could make me vom. But Brooke Burke actually has clothes on tonight, so we might be ok. Here. We. Go.

Rick Fox, Jive: Dear Rick Fox, when you’re 6’7″, even camouflage clothes can’t hide you. Rick can’t do the Jive because he has an injury. I get that. But he’s going to challenge himself. So he may just hurt himself during performance. Scary! Dramz! But wearing all leather will get you points! He’s not really moving, but his footwork is good. And he definitely has rhythm. He didn’t mess up, but it wasn’t amazing. Carrie Ann thinks he is better suited to ballroom. Agreed lady! Cheryl needs someone to tell her that one of her extensions is sticking up. I love you, Cheryl.

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Your Ironic Twist of Fate For the Day

Photo courtesy of

According to the Daily Mail, Jimi Heselden, owner of the company that makes Segways – those annoying yet fascinating modes of transportation for lazy people who can’t use their own legs – died yesterday after riding his own personal Segway off a cliff.

Heselden was said to have been riding around his British estate when he “plunged into the River Wharf.” For now, police are classifying this incident as purely accidental.

The newspaper also said that the type of Segway Heselden happened to be operating at the time was a “rugged country version.” So you people taking a tour of the Capitol Building in D.C. don’t need to be worried that your Segway will escalate to 5 m.p.h. and take out some Senator. Unless you rig it to happen that way and will then blame it on a faulty contraption. I see right through your evil plan Tea Partiers.

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If Facebook Existed Years Ago

So I think I’m a little late on this, but I’ve been busy and I just, just got to my emails (thanks Sammie!). I think what this little joke is basically telling us is that, if Facebook did indeed exist years ago, it would have actually been…interesting? My friend Todd eating a chicken sandwich isn’t nearly as life-altering as Adam and Eve creating original sin. Unless you’re Todd, who makes a big deal about everything. @IAmBillyShakespeare: Et tu, Brute?

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Katy Perry and Sesame Street: Here’s My Problem with This…

Last time I checked, Elmo wasn’t wearing ANY clothes. So…

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Chelsea Clinton’s Standing Next to Me at the Airport!

With her hubby. And someone else that might be famous. I will not disclose their location or destination. That’s all.

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The Office is Back, With Lip Dubs and Nepotism

First things first. I have no idea what the opening scene of last night’s The Office was about, but it was amazing. It was a great way to start Steve Carell’s (and maybe Mindy Kaling’s!) last season. Tear. But can I just say I think Darryl should be the new manager. There. I said it. He’s hilarious.

Here’s a rundown: Michael got West Nile Virus and hired his nephew; Erin and Gabe (not Andy!) are dating; Kelly did the minority executive program; Dwight bought the building and Jim is trying to torture him by saying that raccoons are in the ceiling; Pam makes all the buttons in the elevator do the opposite of what they say; Pam gets stuck in the elevator with Dwight; Ryan is still promoting his social-networking website and wearing black-rimmed glasses; Luke calls Phyllis Venus; Pam’s hair is straight and looks so much better!

And for everyone’s viewing pleasure – Quotes of the Episode:

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