@LibraryCongress to Begin Archiving All Tweets

Jefferson's Library at the LOC may now also contain all the tweets Miley Cyrus posted before her premature departure. Photo courtesy of Jon Rochetti

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: we need to get back to letter writing. If only for our progeny’s sake.

According to New York magazine, the Library of Congress announced today (via Twitter no less) that it will soon be in possession of every single tweet that’s ever been tweeted (publicly) since the inception of the social networking site.

From @LibraryCongress’ Twitter page:

Library to acquire ENTIRE Twitter archive — ALL public tweets, ever, since March 2006! Details to follow.

While I understand that this could be a really cool endeavor, I would hope that 100 years from now, when my grandchildren’s grandchildren are visiting the Library of Congress, they’ll have a lot more to read than Justin Bieber lyrics and status updates. However, if Twitter is in fact the tool the terrorists will use to finally take out America, as I believe it will be, it might be nice to have everything documented according to the Dewey Decimal System.

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One response to “@LibraryCongress to Begin Archiving All Tweets

  1. Jim

    Of the social networking sites and communities Twitter’s value and sustainability is questionable.

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